Neither living in completely closed environment nor directly under the sunshine is correct. The ideal is take the sunshine whenever and how many you want. Therefore you need a TENT.

Our firm is one of the foremost company that producing tents according to your requests as remote controlled or central system and their after sale services and which producing jointed tents and garden umbrellas in European standards from special alloyed aluminums with injected molding and has fastidious effort, various colors and designs and kinds of accessories.

  • Special alloyed aluminums with injected molding arms
  • Qualified gear-boxes
  • Fastidious effort
  • Rich colors, designs and various kinds of accessories.
  • According to your requests, as remote controlled or central system tents
  • After-sale services

In all kind of special needs you have or your information and support requests, you can contact us by “Contact us” section with e-mail or with our phone numbers.

Special Features: In your restaurants, tea gardens with broad sided, cafes, shops, homes, buffet, employment places, wherever you are uncomfortable, our tents will be your best choice. We are at your service with our strong, economic and long lasting various kinds of products.


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