With its 30 years experience our firm is supplying all kinds of vehicles that are using in the transporting sector with the models of maxima semi-trailer, jumbo semi-trailer, slide curtain, mega collapsable ceiling, ada slider and Sesam sliding ceiling upper structures.

Apart from the complete European Mehler or Sio-Line canvasses types and large scope of products all kinds of writing, logo-ink jet prints, cup writings, frigorific semi-trailer writings are also made by our firm. Our main target is customer’s satisfacrion applying the most economical price list by using the high-quality transferable materials and sticker folio.

Our firm is also applying all kinds of writings, logo- ink jet prints, cup writings, frigorific semi-trailer writings to TIR and lorries’ canvases by using high-quality sticker folio and transferable materials.

Our firm can repair all kinds of trailer, semi-trailer and upper structures, and has every type of appropriation photos and trailer accessories and able to make repairment and maintenance.

Maxima semi-trailer

JJumbo Semi-trailer

Slide curtain

Mega collapsable ceiling

Folio Cuttings

Ada slider

Sesam sliding roof

Logo-ink jet prints

Cup writings

Frigorific semi-trailer writings


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